We Have To Be Strong Enough To Be Weak

Bali, Indonesia, be happy in anticipation of what is coming when COVID-19 will be in under control status. The government officially reopened tourism especially for Indonesian domestic tourists on the island of Bali on Thursday 30/7/2020, even though the COVID-19 pandemic has not under control yet. We are pointful set to live side by side with COVID-19 and comply with its procedures. You can not stop the waves, but you can learn to surf said one of my favourite quotes. This pandemic is like a catalyst for a discomfort mood swing and at the same time motivating to accept life change quickly if we did not agree to the word “easily”. Just feel what we are feeling, all the while cultivating moment-to-moment awareness, riding the waves of “up” and “down,” “good” and “bad,” “weak” and “strong,” until we see that they are all inadequate to describe our experience entirely.

I read in the local news within these recent weeks; the Indonesian government may not reopen Bali to the international visitor on September 11, 2020.  The background of the decision said because the COVID-19 in Indonesia continues to increase from local transmissions. Yet,  some other countries are experiencing a second wave of COVID-19 cases that cause lockdowns. Indonesia has to put red code and temporarily do not expect incoming tourists from those many countries. At the same time goes viral a petition addressed to The President of the Republic Indonesia requesting to open the border as per scheduled.

And another piece of hot news is about COVID-19’s vaccine test that has arrived in phase-3.  The Project Integration Management Research and Development PT. Bio Farma will produce COVID-19 vaccine made by Sinovac from China starting February 2021. The production of this vaccine would depend on the results of the interim analysis of phase 3 clinical testing on volunteers. If it would go as expected, we can use the COVID-19 vaccine from Sinovac in the first quarter of 2021. PT Bio Farma will produce the vaccine in several stages,  not at once at all.

So, let us be with the experience itself. Trust in our most profound strength of all: to be present, to be wakeful and let our faith keep looks up.


Bali, August 20, 2020

Jeffrey Wibisono V. @namakubrandku

Hospitality Consultant Indonesia in Bali –  Telu Learning Consulting – Commercial Writer – Copywriter – Jasa Konsultan Hotel

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