Revenue Management Plan

I am longing for the good old days and yearning for long-gone moments in the hotel business as the impact of COVID-19. Instead of bringing up the tactical promotion, how about if we strengthened our Sales & Marketing foundation.

Here is my old school hotel distribution strategy which is a vital part of our revenue management plan.

In this era, make sure we are on the internet distribution channels that promote our destination online.

And remember the power of marketing of the business aggregators have. They put our hotel in front of many consumers we can’t reach directly, and some of them even book directly.

Here an example of a hotel market segmentation both offline and online strategy:

  • Public
    • BAR Website –  Best Available Rate sold through the website
    • BAR Direct – Best Available Rate sold directly by phone, email,
    • BAR Indirect Commissionable  – Best Available Rate sold trough commissionable online travel agencies
    • BAR Indirect Net – Best Available Rate sold trough net rate online travel agencies
  • Promotions
    • OTO: One Time Offer
    • Opaque; hidden hotel discount programs
    • Flash Sales; promotional website offering membership discounts
    • Mobile; mobile websites offering sameday or lastminute discounts
    • Online Campaigns; internet publication offers and packages
    • Offline campaigns; print publication offers and packages
    • Special Event; packages and offers during holidays, festivals, concerts
  • Negotiated Rates
    • Corporate Dynamic Rates
    • Corpororate Flat Rates
    • Government
    • Crew
  • Groups
    • Leisure
    • Business
    • Conference / Banquet
    • Incentive
    • Wedding
    • Events
    • Crew
  • Wholesale
    • FIT
    • Tour Operators
    • Wholesalers
  • Other
    • Complimentary
    • Barter
    • Walk-In
    • Overbooking (from another hotel)
    • House Use
    • Time-Share

The above segmentation is a general guideline. We may find that other segments are not included for our hotel, or a simpler segmentation would be more applicable in implementing Revenue Management Plan. Each hotel has to decide what segmentation best fits its market and property.


Bali, 27 June 2021

Jeffrey Wibisono V. @namakubrandku

Hospitality Industry Consultant Indonesia in Bali, Telu Learning Consulting,  Copywriter, Jasa Konsultan Hotel

Hospitality Industry Consultant Indonesia in Bali, Telu Learning Consulting, Copywriter, Jasa Konsultan Hotel, Retro Santuy Digital Marketing Workshop
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