25 reasons why you should never travel to Indonesia

There’s been so much hype about Indonesia. We just don’t understand why.

That could only mean one thing – these people must never have travelled to other destinations before.

Here’s 25 reasons to convince you that travelling to Indonesia is absolutely pointless.


  1. It’s not like Indonesia has a great sunrise view.


  1. Light from heaven? Come on, it’s only Jomblang cave in Yogyakarta.


  1. The glowing lava at Kawah Ijen Volcano is so blue it hurts.


  1. There’s really nothing to see at Munduk Moding Plantation, just clouds.


  1. See crater lakes in Mount Kelimutu? Nay, not pretty either. Yeah, they will change colour, but that’s all.


  1. A sea of ugly islands you don’t need to check out?


  1. Water bungalows in Raja Ampat? Ugh, the water is too dirty!


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